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Teen suicide: What parents need to know

Understand what makes teens vulnerable to suicide — and what you can do to prevent it.

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Teen eating disorders — How to talk to your teen about eating disorders and promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

Teen drug abuse: Help your teen avoid drugs

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Want to prevent teen drug abuse? Understand how to talk to your teen about the consequences of using drugs.

Teen texting: Help your teen avoid the risks

Help your teen avoid the dangers of texting.

Teenage pregnancy: Helping your teen cope

Find out how to help your child deal with teenage pregnancy.

Underage drinking: Talking to your teen about alcohol

Underage drinking — Know the risk factors, how to talk about the dangers of teen drinking and what you can do to help your teen avoid alcohol.

Parenting skills: Tips for raising teens

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Want to encourage your teen to behave responsibly? These parenting skills can help.

Teen smoking: How to help your teen quit

Teen smoking is a big deal. Take action against teen smoking — starting today.

Teen weight loss: Healthy habits count

Help your teen adopt healthy habits to lose excess weight.

Performance-enhancing drugs and teen athletes

Help your teen steer clear of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances.

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